Your Access to Work Holistic Assessment

Supporting you at work

This holistic assessment covers all aspects of your health condition and/or disability and how it impacts you at work.

Your Department for Work and Pension’s Case Manager will agree your assessment type with you, based on your needs:

Virtual Holistic Assessment

Ideal if you can tell us how your condition impacts your job (over a call)

    A colleague can help you if required (eg. with desk measurements).

    Employer support is voluntary.

Face-to-Face Holistic Assessment

Ideal for more complex needs and you may need support to tell us how your condition impacts your job.

    We will assess your workstation.

    Employer support is voluntary.

Enhanced Holistic Assessment

Ideal for more complex needs.

    We will assess your working area and any additional help you need (eg, workplace adjustments).

    Employer support is mandatory.

As part of our support, our experienced disability assessors will:


Make sure you have the right assessment, as agreed by your
Case Manager


Work with your Case Manager, to overcome any barriers by providing solutions matched to your needs


Arrange a suitable time with you for the assessment


Complete a thorough assessment, considering your workplace barriers


Provide feedback and recommendations to your Case Manager within two weeks.

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