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Employers | Access to Work Mental Health Support Service.

Supporting you and your mental health in the workplace

If you are not coping in your role, off work or worried about losing your job, the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service is here for you. We provide easy to access, confidential, one-to-one virtual support, at no cost to you

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You are in permanent or temporary employment (attending work, or on sick leave)


You have a mental health concern (diagnosed or undiagnosed) that is making your job difficult or has resulted in workplace absence

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Frequently asked questions


What does the support involve? 

We will help you improve your mental wellbeing at work. This is a voluntary, confidential, and non-clinical service delivered by Maximus, and funded by the Department for Work and Pensions. While we do not offer counselling or therapy, our service will provide you with nine months of practical advice, guidance on coping strategies, workplace adjustments and more.  

Do I have to pay? 

There is no cost to you or your employer as our support is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.  

Should I get in touch if I need immediate or urgent help? 

The Access to Work Mental Health Support Service offers support for people in their workplace. If you need urgent mental health support, click here for information about more immediate help.  

Will my employer need to know? 

Only Maximus and Access to Work will have access to your information. You can decide if you want to share this with your employer. We will provide a safe and secure environment while you are being supported by us to stay and thrive in your workplace.  

Have better days at work

With a personalised wellbeing support plan.

Get the most out of your role

With ideas for workplace adjustments.

Stay in or return to work

With nine months of practical advice and guidance.